The Escola Superior de Disseny i Art Llotja from Barcelona, in collaboration with Arts Libris Barcelona, the International Fair of Artists’ Books and Contemporary Edition held in the art centre Santa Mònica, announce the second “Premi Art Byblio”, an Artists’ Book Award for schools nationwide. The aim of the award is to promote the creation of Artists’ Books within the different art schools. 

The winning book will become part of the Escola Llotja Artists’ Book collection and will also be presented at the 2018 edition of Arts Libris Fair in Barcelona. This modality covers a wide variety of plastic languages and artistic techniques and the aim of this prize is to continue growing and contributing with new features as well as rewarding the exciting world ot Artists’ Books. 

The first prize will be purchased for a fix price of 1000 euros. 

The second prize will be 400 euros. This year a special prize will be granted by Raima for collaborative books presented by the schools. The prize will be a gift voucher RAIMA valued at 100 euros

The three winning art works will be exhibited at Arts Libris Fair Barcelona, 2018. 

All selected submissions will be displayed in an exhibition that coincides with the 2018 Arts Libris Fair Barcelona and will also be published on the website of the Conservatori de les Arts del Llibre ( 



1. The insciption is free of charge. 

2. Participants 

• Submissions are open to students or groups of students from all schools nationwide who are enrolled this academic year or who ended their studies one year ago and who are working with the book in all its possible conceptions. Art students from the University for the Creative Arts of Canterbury and the London South Bank University are also invited to participate. 

3. The books 

• Each participant can submit one work that has been created within the last two years. 

• There are no restrictions on size, format or technique. Books eligible for editions, as well as unique pieces are accepted. 

4. Dossier and registration form 

• Submissions have to be made through the Llotja website ( or through the Conservatori de les Arts del llibre website ( where you have to fill out the registration form and attach a dossier in pdf format (max. 5 MB). 

The dossier (pdf format) has to contain 

• Minimum 6 photos of the submitted book. 
​• Brief summary with technical details and description of the artwork. 

•A clip showing the size and the inside of the book has to be added to the correponding link. The clip has to be less than 3 minutes long and must have less than 20 MB. It is optional to add information and internet links that are considered necessary. 

5. Deadline for the submission of dossiers 

• March, 11th 2018 

6. Selection and sending
The jury will select 25 submissions that will be announced the last week of March. The

selected works should be send to:

ESDA Llotja
C/ Pare Manyanet 38
Barcelona 08027
tel.: +34 934086789 

• The shipping costs must Be covered by the participants. 

• The selected works should arrive not later than April, 13th 2018. 

7. Notification of the winning books 

• The jury will award the winners from these 25 selected books. 

• On April, 20th 2018, the organisation will contact directly with the awarded artists. The results will also be published on the schools website. 

• The awards ceremony will take place during the Arts Libris Fair in Barcelona. The exact day and hour will be published on the school’s website. 

8. The jury will decide the winners and their decision can not be appealed. 

• The jury is composed of: Rob McDonald, professor at the University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury; Juan Carlos Lozano, professor of mural techniques at the ESDA Llotja de Barcelona; paula roush, photobook publishing tutor at the London South Bank University of London; Rocío Santa Cruz, director of Arts Libris and Pilar Vélez, director of the Museu del Disseny de Barcelona (Barcelona design museum). 

9. About the participating artists 

• The artists have to be the authors of their submissions and have to possess copyright on authorship, exhibition and communication. In case of shared authorship, this has to be specified. 

10. About copyright 

• The authors sign over the rights for reproduction for promotional aspects, always within the context of the award, either via internet, press, audiovisual media, publications in catalogues or by means of any other promotional material. The book awarded winner will become part of the Escola Llotja Artists’ Book collection. 

11. Acceptance of rules 

• The ESDA Llotja reserves the right to deal with any situation not foreseen in these rules as it deems appropriate. Entering this award supposes the full acceptance of these rules. 

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